We start by listening to you

We hear from our clients that you want to improve transitions of care, start remote patient monitoring and/or video visits. You just have not started.   Maybe your plate is full with too many other initiatives, your budget is limited and you have not yet created a road map for your population health initiatives. Let's bring the right people to the table, and lay out the possibilities.

Strategic Planning

Like you, we understand healthcare operations. Too often vendors are focusing on the technology.  Let's clarify your vision, determine your goals, and include the people and the processes as well as the technology in the plan.  Often our clients are surprised on how we can help get their programs planned and operational with existing budgets and staff.  

Remote Patient Monitoring and Support 

Our technology vendor has been in the industry over 15 years and have a proven track record of providing excellent devices from a tri-cellular plug in hub, easy to use and durable clinical devices and over 46 monitoring dashboards and reports.  Pre-packaged kits for are plug and play for the patient and even mobile.  Typical kits include Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Lung Disease (COPD), Asthma and Diabetes.  24/7 technical support is included and option for video visits and clinical call center support either full time or to supplement you on the weekends, overnight and holidays.

EMR Integration and Clinical Decision Support

Our clients are most excited that we believe that the best solutions in population health begin with integrated workflow from within your electronic medical records (EMR) and data flowing into your patients' electronic health records (EHR). First, the physician can start remote monitoring by placing an electronic order with the kit needed, diagnosis and a few parameters.  This leads to fulfillment of the equipment in the patient's home.  The patient plugs in the hub and the monitoring devices are already paired for them.  As they collect data, not only are they monitored through dashboards, but their clinical information flows directly into their electronic health record.  Often this is into more than one EMR. This discrete data then can be leveraged through a variety of clinical decision support (CDS) rules for billing and decision-making.  

We also offer an integrated radiology ordering CDS system to help ensure that the most appropriate imaging studies are ordered. This will help you meet the future PAMA (Protecting Access to Medicare Act) requirements for January 1, 2018.

Chronic Care Coaching

If you do not have programs in place, such as CHF, COPD/Asthma and Diabetes clinics, we can help you get started with contracted services or to supplement your existing specialty services.

Clinical Call Center Support

While some offices and hospitals leverage their existing nursing staff for clinical call center support, many would like to have additional coverage for night, holidays and/or weekends, or even subcontract these services full time (24/7) to unburden their existing staff.

Timely Readmission and Post-Hospital Mortality Analytics

Hospitals often wait three years or more to receive reports from Medicare on their rates of hospital readmission and post-hospital mortality.  With fines now at 3%, we can show you how to get your comprehensive data regularly so that you can show results from your efforts to improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions.

In summary, we help you strategically plan implement what you need today and plan for tomorrow.  We look forward to collaborating with you.

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